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Reply to "Last Chance for Free Ebay Store"

I feel that's a huge mistake on ebay's part.

I wonder if because so many of us dropped our stores when they changed the fee's last year that they need to recoup their fee's some how. I closed one of my stores last year due to the rate increase.

Or...Could it be this?

EBAY Stores were doing so well when the search function was changed. Reports are that store sales were higher during that period than they'd been in awhile and I know my business was booooming. Thus this boosted eBay's quarterly earnings reports. Now that they have changed the search function back to it's original state and persons are dropping their stores lightning fast if eBay neeeeeeds to charge the fee's right off the bat.

Geesh, I think things through too much.

Either way...this marketing concept blows!

Thanks Lisa,
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