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Reply to "listing does not contain complete template"

Originally posted by INOUDID:
Help! My listing # 6231821670 does not show all parts of the template. I used one of the Auctiva templates and customized it by adding the shipping details and store window after the bottom border. I do not know HTML (I'm trying). Anyway, can someone figure out and fix my problem with this listing?

I have no idea how your listing got fouled may want to contact Auctiva. But anyway...Sign into ebay and go to that listing, then click "edit my listing" or whatever. Then go to the "edit description" section, make sure the editor is set to "use my own html" or whatever, and delete the whole schmear. If you're squeamish, you should probably highlight, copy, and paste it to notepad first, in case something goes wrong.

Then, paste this html back into the now blank editor window:

Hope that helps. If'll never take me alive Smile

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