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Reply to "listing does not contain complete template"

Oh gifted gurus:
While enjoying my morning coffee I browsed through my other listings. You guessed it. I found to more listings that the template graphics are missing, plus the page seems to wide for the screen. I used a different template on these and inserted the shipping details and store window inside the border of the template. Here is the item #'s:
Item number: 6232010131
Item number: 8238964030
When I created the template here are the steps I used. Selected one of Auctiva's templates.
Saved with a different name.
Switched view to design.
Inserted tags where I wanted them.
Saved. Previewed. Used them in listing.They looked okay. Posted to ebay. Graphics missing on template. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
Should I open a support case? Any help is appreciated. Take care, INOUDID
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