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Reply to "Listing removed by eBay"

Check to see if the items were perhaps to word. If say it's a Coach purse. If Coach is a member of Vero...they scour eBay daily for listings to shut down.

I had an auction shut down for Winnie The Pooh pajama's once. Disney had them shut me down because I had a picture of the pajama's and it had Winnie The Pooh on them and they considered that a product of Disney. Needless to say, I was confused and didn't know how I was supposed to sell the item without the pic of the pj's.

Long story short. I was able to glean much info from this site.

I know that she's moving her site over to another host..but perhaps you can get SOME info from what's there with links.

Good Luck!
Sorry this happened to you,
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