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Reply to "Listing removed by eBay"

I'm aware of the VERO program, but I don't think my listing was removed by them cause it doesn't specify that a VERO member cancelled the listing.

Here is the body of the message recieved:


The following information may help explain the reason for your listing(s) removal:

Misuse of brand names, trademarks, and logos is both illegal and against eBay policy. This includes inappropriate comparisons to a branded item, selling counterfeit or replica items, and keyword spamming.

Unauthorized replicas of brand name products are not permitted on eBay. It is both against the law and against eBay policy to sell replicas that have not been authorized by the manufacturer.

Your eBay fees for this item have been credited to your account. All bidders on this item have been notified of its cancellation.

The item I am selling is legit, it was purchased from a retail store and not "off the back of a truck".
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