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Reply to "Listing removed by eBay"

Originally posted by tabberone:
Gee, when WW shut down my listings and I quoted First Sale they ignored me. I sued them and they changed their mind.

And you can appeal eBay takedowns. If you are selling legit merchandise get in their face.

Point out that under federal law eBay does not have the authority to enforce 3rd parties rights. There are VeRO members, that is who should be issuing the takedowns.

Well I did actually receive a response from Ebay on this matter. They requested a receipt for the item from where I purchased it, which I provided. Ebay then responded, that they received the information, but they believe the item is not authentic and therefore cannot be relisted.

Do I have any ground to stand on in this matter at this point? The item in question is identical to the item purchased anywhere else, I don't know how Ebay is qualified to determine from an auction listing whether a product is authentic or not? The part that irritates me the most, is the store where I purchase this item, also sells on eBay under the username cargolargo and has sold similiar items in the past.

tabberone, any response would be appreciated, I know that you have had much experience with this type of issue in the past.
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