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Reply to "Love the "manliness""

Originally posted by wayoutwest:
yep, kudos to him and auctiva team! Smile

because of historical problems on dime days and FLDs, i opted for trying to get stuff posted via File Exchange (bulk upload direct to eBay). And between fixing the problems with the file, a poorly written manual, and ebay getting bogged down, it's been a pain (but as good a time to learn as any Wink )

Point is, even ebay is choking and coughing today. Several times when trying to upload data direct to ebay I got server timeouts and very slow responses.

Everything of mine that was scheduled earlier is going up just fine.

You're right Steve..eBay is MAJORLY bogged down. It's been bout to keel over a couple of times today when I've needed speed.

Another I know tried to upload the way you did and <boot> yep..that's right..booted hers, too.

I considered doing what you did, but didn't have it in me today. So, I sat and patiently did scheduling last night and off and on today.

Steve, what you'll find is that most every time there's been a problem, it's been acknowledged.

Time for me to head offline, the screen's getting blurry. <wink>
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