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Reply to "Monitor your DSR Rating"


Very Interesting, what is annoying is how ebay ranks the dsr I am currently hovering around 4.8 and am ranked middle here is how it is defined check this out.....really kind of upsetting:

What is a Rating Tier?

eBay has published data for DSRs that puts sellers into one of five tiers:

1. Top 10% – WOW! The top 10% sellers are a rare bunch and you should enjoy the fruits of your labor. Look for lots of perks as a top performing seller.
2. Top 10-25% – Congratulations! You are in one of the top tiers and most likely will enjoy several advantages to the competition.
3. Middle 50% (between Bottom 25% and Top 25%) – These sellers are average. They most likely will not face trust and safety action, but also will not be advantaged in search results.
4. Bottom 10-25% – These sellers should work diligently to increase their DSRs and stay out of the Bottom 10% tier.
5. Bottom 10% – These sellers most likely are close to or have already faced Trust and Safety non-seller performance.


PS. So when you look at it from this point of view who really benefits from this??
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