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Reply to "More exposure for your site if you want it!"

If your not sure which type your domain host uses, you will have to contact them and ask..most the time you can tell by going to your site and looking at the language when the pages are on IE it will be down on the bottom left on your browsers status bar.

For instance, if you go to auctivas main page and look down bottom left while its will see in the aspx...if you were to go to my cheap street site and load some pages you will see php in the url names...thats because my host for my store uses php. I forget what all the abbreviations stand for..but I bet someone on auctivas staff knows.

Anyway, basically what you would have to do is find out which one your site host uses and then create a new page and name it whatever you like..for example...bobslinkspage.php, or bobslinkspage.asp...and so on...when you make the page and submit the url for it...the link site will pick it up and add it.

It isnt as hard as it sounds but it is confusing if you have never done it. I cannot do it for my cheapstreet site because I am not allowed to create my own pages...the only way I can use it for cheapstreet is to ask them to set it up with the link site and then I would have a tool window from my host to set it up.

On my main page of my cheapstreet site I have a link bottom left that says Partners. When you click on that you get my Gotlinks page. This is what you will have to do once you make your links will have to put a link on your main page..pointing to your links affilliate page..your bobslinks.php page for example.

Its probably going to be a decent links program...but if your like me, if its to much of a hassle to get it going..I usually look for something else. I just thought I would let you know it was there incase you wanted to get onboard while it was free. The best thing about this particular links program is you can exchange 5 pages from your site and use keywords instead of your sites title. With 5 pages you can link individual items pages etc. Instead of just your one home page.

I hope this cleared it up a little for you anyway. I am going to ask my host to contact this link site and see if they wont implement it into my store admin function. Good Luck to you all, William
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