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Reply to "More exposure for your site if you want it!"


Anyway..I forgot that I had done this. I finally got my free domain name hosted site by office live windows whatever up and running.

<blech> It's so boring but it's keyword strong. I tested the keywords before getting the free domain.

I'll play with it later, I'm doing some work on my new Auctiva templates! <smile>

It was a free domain name and 30 MB..I can deal with that and will eventually tweak it. It's got links to my ecraters and eBay.

(Danielle's/WAHM link to the free domain name and hosting below)
Like this one?

*Note I forgot I had this and haven't done much with it

It was in BETA when I joined and it was free don't know the current status of it right now but will go see what I can dig up
Okay found the link:

Sign up for the first one, it will always be free

There are templates that make setting it up very easy, just one of the MANY things on my list of things to do.

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