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Reply to "My Handsome Boys"

Originally posted by AngelLisa:
Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:

How proud you must be of those handsome young men! And their dates are beautiful!

Thank you so much for sharing those.

How fast the time flies that we have with our glorious children under our wings. It makes me tear up thinking I only have Hannah at home for 2 more years.

Wish I could share pics of Hannah's prom. She didn't go as she's only a sophmore. Her school's prom is a closed prom open only to junior and seniors. She turned 16 in January and her words..I'm FINALLY allowed to date, Yeah! (yeah, I know, we're strict) She had hoped to go to the prom but her new school follows rules to a T. (and some of those she doesn't like) Oh well!

Here's a pic of her going to the homecoming dance though. (chaperoned of course)

Thanks again for the pics, keep em coming!
Peace, Donna

Yes, I'm very proud of them both, off to college next year! I'm really having a empty nest fit, I've lived for my kids for so long I don't know who I am. They grew up way to fast. My youngest is almost 15 and keeps me on my toes for sure, he is much wilder then both his brothers put together.

Your Daughter is very beautiful.

Thanks, I think she is, too. But then again, I'm kinda partial to her and my boys! <wink>

Well, the empty nest will hit me before it hits you. If I can survive it, then anyone can. I'll let ya know how rough it is.

Take care, Donna
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