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Reply to "Need Suggestions Please"

Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Originally posted by eWonders:
Hi Angel Lisa,

My thought.... 4 the day...

...Remember "Branding" like your ebay store your branding name is important and should be similar in all your stores..... Smile


You doin well? Moving soon? Job going well? Daughters still beautiful? Wife still the best in the world? The bird still squawking?

My Best,

OMG... as I read this.... Isabelle.(ready for bed)...swuawked... Your to darn funny!!!!

Otherwise, yes we are packing now and moving the family to Lansing Michigan, so..Wifey can begin Law School....Then when she's done We want to find a nice southern town for her practice. (a good man stands with his ladies dreams Smile ) Its a big change for all of us... new places, Shopping, Food and schools for the kids and friends to make. Work..well it's fun and work.. I have two webcast forums for Cooking light this week and and the nexw week, I look forward to sharing some ideas... I'd like to hear any of your thoughts on that Donna. (windcougar06 at aol dot com)

I hope to be on more often soon as we get settled up there... in the coming month. Being missed means alot, Donna.. your a true SuthrnJewl
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