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Reply to "Need Suggestions Please"

My brotherinlaw is moving in your direction..You & your's are in the Raleigh Durham area, right? He has been asked to take the position of the Executive National Director of ******* so he sold his dental practice of almost 30 years in Asheville. (edited for privacy) We're so proud of him!

A Big move away from the mtns of Asheville that they love so much. But the pictures we've seen of the area are beautiful, too.

Well, of course you'll return to a southern town. DUH! <smile> I can't imagine living anywhere outside the Mason-Dixon lines.

Sure, I'll be happy to let you pick my gray matter...what's left of it anyway. <smile>

Kewl beans on the webcast forums..I just love Southern Living Magazine and everything they do.

You can always find me via this email address

Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com

I'll zip you over an email sometime today.

Later Gator,
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