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Reply to "New Analysis... Wagglepop... WOW!!!"

I'm new as a seller due to my over accomplishments as an excellent buyer! LOL
With this in mind, please enlighten me if my perspective is off through lack of experience.
Wagglepop seems almost too much like ebay...Could they be a front for ebay? To lure in sellers>only to drive the traffic elsewhere> dooming the sellers to return to ebay with broken spirits and feelings of thanks for having ebay to go back too?
Sounds like the perfect set up for the Stockholm Syndrome; having been almost killed, they are allowed to live only under strict rules. They become thankful for not having been killed, and they thankfully and willing obey their captors.
Don't sites have artist design trademarks?Doesn't Wagglepop come very close to infringing on ebay's registered layouts, designs, etc?
With all of ebays legal clout doesn't it seem odd that Wagglepop is allowed to so blatantly mimic ebays format?
Just wondering if any of the computer savy people could find out through source, etc? LOL
I know, I know...I know nothing! OR basically just enough to confirm that I know nothing! LOL
But I've come a long way! Just ask Auctiva CEO Jeff who enlightened me as to cookies, cut/paste nightmares with font, etc...
Just an interesting thought though...
Any input?

Additionally, is Auctiva tied soley to ebay, or could they, as an "Independent Third Party", strike agreements with other auction sites?
I've seen many comments as to how people would like Auctiva to either start their own independent site, or at the minimum collaborate with other sites.
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