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Reply to "New Auctiva software problems"

Hi John in Santa Cruz,

Thanks for the clarification.

I checked both of your accounts and noticed that your account with username “johnm_99” is using an older version of our description editor that we have been working to phase out for quite some time, so that could certainly have something to do with some of the differing behavior between the accounts.

However, given that we are phasing out that version of the editor, it would not be possible to update your other Auctiva account with username “valtermotousa”, so we will need to work on coming up with a solution that will allow you to use the newer description editor successfully.

I did review the issues you reported in your original post in the context of your “valtermotousa” account and was unable to reproduce them, which is why I will need some additional information from you to pursue those further if they continue to occur.

That being said, I believe I see what you mean with respect to the copy/paste issue in your latest message and I will bring that up with our technical team in case we can configure the newer version of the description editor to operate like the older one in that regard.

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