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Reply to "New Changes to Feedback"

I just think it'll be confusing, to say the least. No one will be able to decipher feedback--let alone leave it. Oh yeah, buyers are going to return to Ebay a couple weeks after they receive their item and go through four ratings??? Uh huh...that's going to happen.

I mean Overstock has all this other garbage in their feedback and it's difficult to just look at the numbers. It's difficult to leave feedback, as well. I can never tell if I'm giving one or two thumbs up!! (What's the difference anyway?) And they have this personal network feedback system. (Okay, I'll get all my buddies to say nice things about me.)

And I gotta say--feedback really doesn't mean that much. I'm afraid I'm one of those sellers who hold my buyers hostage until I receive feedback. Just protecting my own. So what does feedback really mean? We're all basically saying "I'll leave you positive feedback if you leave me positive feedback."

And with everyone always switching I.D.'s all the time on Ebay...Mess up one I.D. with negative feedback? Just move on to another. The whole system is flawed--but at the same works up to a point. It's better than having no feedback system.

I do look at feedback before I buy--because I've gotten burned, a little. As a newbie I bought from a Power Seller with a really decent feedback score. And I waited and waited for my item. Went into the feedback--this seller had like 30 negative feedbacks w/in a month. And I don't believe it's all volume. I buy regularly from a couple of power sellers, and they're not racking up that kind of negative feedback.

You need to go into a sellers feedback to see what's really going on. Power sellers can have 96 to 98 percent positive feedback--even if they've had 25 negative feedbacks in the last month. A few negatives aren't going to make a dent in all the transactions they've done. Whereas, those same negatives would ruin me.

And now Ebay wants to add to the complication, hey??? Can we rate the buyers on speedy payment? Or how they email us with questions that are CLEARLY posted in each of our listings? Or how about the person who emails you asking when his/her item is going to arrive--AND YOU JUST SENT THEM AN EMAIL A DAY AGO SAYING YOU SHIPPED. Or what about the buyer who receives her item w/in 5 days, and still comments in feedback, "item finally arrived." What? Do they want us to personally deliver items?

Oh, and how about the buyer who pays 3 times via PayPal and still wants the shipping discount!! (I now charge them the .30 transaction fee.)

Do I get to rate these annoying buyers??? (SELLER BEWARE!! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!! THIS ONE WILL DRIVE YOU NUTS!!!) Is Ebay going to have a little extra area for me to rate on the annoyance factor???

By the way?? Where do I go to rate Ebay?? Smile
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