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Reply to "New Image Uploader Sneak Peak! Beta Testers Needed!"

Originally posted by QueenofHearts:
Wow do I feel dumb. I'm not finding the "Choose File" in Chrome. Where is it? I've clicked on everything. This is all very confusing to me. Any way to create a tutorial video for us? That would be soo helpful!

Hi QueenofHearts,

Thanks for checking this out! After you have logged in to your Auctiva account and navigate to the new uploader via the link I provided, you should see the Choose File button at the top of the uploader window.

Let me know if you are not seeing the Choose File button in the Chrome browser, along with any other details that may help up investigate (like browser and Windows versions you are using.) Thanks!

PS We will be adding all the necessary tool tips, FAQs and tutorials when we release the new uploader Smile
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