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Reply to "New Policy EBAY Excessive Shipping Amt"

Originally posted by wayoutwest:
point is, though, every company does it. I betcha if you bought something online from ebay they'd charge more than actual cost on s/h.

the simplest answer to deal with those that charge excessive amounts for fee avoidance would be to lower the FVF % slightly and then charge FVF on the ENTIRE purchase (incl. S/H)

But there's too many high volume sellers that would complain and ebay wouldnt do it (some of the PESA members come to mind).

Good thoughts!

I'm going to look at buying something from eBay (not following through) just to see what the actual shipping is.

Every viable business does this. I bought some tennis shoes from New Balance this week. Guess what? The charge was more than I knew it would cost to ship them..<shrug> I still hit buy. Did I beeayatch? Nope. It's all in the business of covering the cost of your business. When I buy from Eddie Bauer, Pottery Barn or any other places on line..there's a flat fee and I never question.

I have tried unsuccessfully to use this way of reasoning with buyers who would say, it's 3.95 for priority shipping why are you charging (they're term is normally why are you screwing me?) 5.50. Uh, well let's see, with the overage I'm charging on your item I can now take off for the Bahama's for a first class weekend at a resort. DER!

WHAT? All I can surmise is that those type of buyers must've been chewing on peyote when they said that.

In my seven plus years of selling, lots of buyers state that it's just a part of business that the seller should eat since we don't have a brick and mortar store. Well, for the first three years I didn't. I charged exact and not a penny more. My best girlfriend is a CPA and she advised me the first years to include a handling fee. Finally it hit home! I have expenditures that should be covered.

PESA members will not have their hand know it and I know it.

High volume sellers will get away with know it and I know it. These types of rules are only enforced with smaller type sellers.

Thanks Steve,
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