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Reply to "New Sales Page Items Sold Showing up Twice"

= FIRST. . . Came back her to correct a typo and add something and that post from one of our valued forums post was deleted??? Was this deleted by person writing or by auctiva??? It was in between my note and the auctiva rep note and is no longer there???? Just curious, as the person who wrote I have never seen delete a post, he is usually thorough and specific in his notes and is one of 3 people who post here frequently and is a huge help to our community!!!


Now, this doubles showing on that page has been like that since new page started and I assumed it would be worked out so have not mentioned until I assumed it was not going to be dealt with at all unless bought up. Glad I do not use it much as it would drive me nuts.

Honestly... for us to constantly open support tickets for things that should be put on forums if it is addressed originally on forums is craziness and frankly a total waste of my time. Others may have same issue so all of us need to write in with same issue for support to send notices back to?? I am sorry but I have better things to do than write support and play tag game over and over only to be told I will be contacted later, which sometimes happens and other times does not.

I just looked and I have 7 yes 7 support tickets showing OPEN - INVESTIGATING.

Some of these are in 2011, 4 in Aug Sept 2011 and other 3 this year.

So tell me why the heck write support about a KNOWN issue?

Now you will ask DO YOU (meaning me) go back and follow those up? No I usually do not, WHY you ask? Because the ball is in Auctiva court at that point, they are supposed to follow up when they get information.

YES, quite a few have been answered....but just saying support is not the magic bullet in following up.

Also, since we now have to sign in we have to juggle between forum and support (or support/forum and our page that we have issue with) going back and forth to explain issue. I feel like I am truly juggling back & forth.
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