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Reply to "New Sales Page Items Sold Showing up Twice"

Hi lookandbuyme,

Hello again. If you report a technical problem on our Community Forum, I (or another member of our staff) may very well reply to the thread to provide you with some additional details about the issue but, if the issue you have reported will require discussing specifics of your account or additional follow up down the road, it is best to file a support case.

If your intention when creating this thread was simply to make sure we are aware of this and/or check whether other sellers have noticed the same behavior, then there is no need to file a support request about the issue as well.

However, if you were to file a support case about this issue, we will associate the case with the issue in our tracking system and would then follow up with you through that case to let you know the issue has been addressed. Such updates would then be emailed to you as well as retained within your Auctiva account for easy access.

If a support case you have filed currently reflects a status of “Open – Investigating Support”, then we are not expecting any additional information from you about the issue at hand. If we need more information from you to pursue an issue further, then the status of the case should contain “Hold” and state that a solution has been proposed or that more details have been requested.

Finally, there were not any additional posts on this thread at the time I responded to you and I am not sure what became of the other post that you mentioned. Our moderators rarely delete posts so, unless it contained a blatant violation of our forum policies, it was likely deleted by the poster.

I'm sorry that you feel you have been juggling discussion of certain issues in two separate places, but I hope this information helps you understand what to expect when using these two different methods of communication.

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