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Reply to "New Saved Listing Page - New features on it???? Are you keeping old too???"

Planet earth to anyone in Auctiva

I have seen more different folks post on why not to make the change. The law of averages says that at least one person would have posted saying they liked such and such feature. If they did I missed it. If they did I bet they also agreed with others points

I am embarrassed to be in the same profession as you are. step up to the plate and and have Webninar on this topic

What some folks do not realize is that the Saved Folder is the first. They are marching through the entire site with this change. (some my have missed it but in the announcement they proudly mentioned that the Saved folder was the first.

AUCTIVA person-up and talk with us

DUTCHMAN48 right-on to the ramparts

Lets not throw good money after bad lets keep the old and the new (until it becomes obsolete which won't take long) and let usage settle the issue. with a fair trail (that'll never happen) I would bet my house what would win.

Okay just read the response. So we'll make the new look like the old. okay it's their dollar. Heck I even offered to pay more per month for a modification that should be straight forward and take a lot less time than the new page took. Heck one good programmer (not a technician or a coder a programmer) to change. I could, if no one is there (if there is no one there than there are no programmers there) have explained what needed to be done in "psuedo code"
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