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Reply to "New Saved Listing Page - New features on it???? Are you keeping old too???"

I spoke with customer service who said it would not be reversed. I think we should start compiling the problems:

1. Reverts back to new page each time you save even if you click that you want to stay on the old page.

2. Doesn't apply filters properly ..has a mind of its own
3. Doesn't retain filters after you save or even if you want to go back with the arrow key..back to start again
4. Difficult to maneuver out after you have applied a filter..need to start over basically

Each of these things are inferior to the old version and need to be fixed. Basically, a lot more tedious and time consuming and irritating because you know that a couple days ago, you were using a superior product. I got frustrated, called customer service and then came here.

If they are not going to change it back, they need to know what to fix.

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