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Reply to "No Listings in Store Window"

Hello from a newbie.
I am not like a lot of you that are power sellers and have a lot of listings going all the time. When Ebay did the listing sale I did list more as everyone and their brother did. I also ran into problems with saving listings and loading pics.
I am not a patient person Wink but tried to remind myself that this had to be effecting everyone and that Auctiva was surely bogged down.
I do think Auctiva is a great service to use and hope that they do get the little tweeks fixed. When I do list on Ebay, it does make the whole process easier and I do like the templates. For being free, it is a great service. I do only hope they get things squared away. I can understand the frustration of the power sellers, it frustrates me as well.
Even though I don't do a lot of listing, I still do want what I do list to sell and can't count on that if I do not have any pics or any store window. The store was down again this morning, I assume during their maintenance.
I did put in my newer listings a little note that at times the pic srevice I use goes down and that if that happens, please send me an email and I will gladly send a pic. This way the buyers know that I did have a pic put in the listing and if they are interested, hopefully they will send an email.
Well keep plugging Auctiva. I do like your service. It is great, when it is works.
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