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Reply to "Not sold on SellAthon..."



Can you confirm that Sellathon is selling our info?

If so, I'd like to know your source.

This is info that I think needs to be known and I belong to several message boards that are highly thought of for sellers, OTWA, Tulip Tools. PowerSellers Unite, ECommerce Arena just to name a few...and in all my eight years not one of those boards has mentioned selling our info.

If this is going on for sure, I think the source needs to be clarified.

I personally love Sellathon and it has taught me if nothing else that keywords are what are important in a title not how pretty the title appears.

I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't like it and believe in it.

I also will not be recommending it if they sell our information and it can be proved.

I boot mine back up every fall and go with it off and on throughout the year.

Sellathon also services Overstock and several other venues.

As far as looking for the information you have for an item you're about to list...that's easy. Research keywords on closed auctions or there are services that do this also. MPire I believe is still doing that.

Thank you in advance for the information,
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