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Not sure if this has been discussed prior, however there seems to be a disconnect .

Today I created a good number of folders to cover all the items that I will be listing. I also posted a listing as well as manually adding to my inventory on Auctiva. None of the folders that I created are showing on the drop down folder button on the active listings screen. Am I doing something wrong?

Operating System: Windows 10
Browser: Chrome

It also does not show under the Closed Listings screen.

There appears to be a disconnect between creating folders from the Inventory section and creating folders in the Listing section. I created a folder in the Listing section and now it is in the drop down from the Active Listings Screen but the folders I created in the Inventory section are not showing. Is this by design? Do I have to create folders in both places moving forward?. Does that mean there will be disconnect between what I am seeing in Inventory as opposed to what I am seeing in the Listings section?

I have also opened a support ticket on this but I also wanted to check here in case I am doing something wrong or have a misunderstanding about it.
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