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Reply to "Official "Suggestion" on template alignments options"

Trinkets, it was is a legit.

I am like you what is feature center for? I have voiced this many times.

IF you do not want suggestions, don't put a place or ask for them. It is a waste of time to submit suggestions comments there when most do not make it.

Censoring suggestions & comments (obviously if contain X rated information another story which even on forums here I have not seen x-rated - though have some of those in my head at times Big Grin)

This forces us to throw it out there on forums? We have no place else to put what we want/need/wish for. I wonder if they are censored by someone who even uses the system from a seller standpoint?

Maybe Auctiva can tell us where they want our suggestions put, as I feel on forums they are scattered to heck and back. BUT honestly on forums they do get a few uncensored comments.

Also, WHY in the world is the Feature Center NOT updated. I would be TOOTING MY HORN if this were my feature center, as there HAVE been some changes made that are on the TO DO list that have been done for quite awhile now! Why not let us KNOW what you have done!!

Today is Friday, end of week!!
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