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Reply to "oh geeze - yet another new "disorder""

Originally posted by ataraxis:
Cherry Plum, eh?

What exactly is that?

I made need to stock up.

General Information and datasheet (BACH FLOWER ESSENCES)

Bach Flower Essence, Cherry Plum 20ml
Cherry Plum (Prunus
cerasifera) is a flower essence for individuals on the verge of
a breakdown; are in deep despair; possibly contemplating
suicide; abusive and hysterical, exploding in sudden outburst of
rage; and may be significant for easing screaming fits in
Suggested Use:
Take 2 drops in a small glass of
water and sip at intervals or take directly on the tongue.
Essence of Cherry Plum (prunus cerasifera) in 27%

I have used it myself in the past and it also has done wonders for my 3 year old son and his major tantrums. Bach Remedies are all natural and really do work.

I carry a bottle of Rescue Remedy with me at all times Wink

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