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Reply to "oh geeze - yet another new "disorder""

Cherry Plum (Prunus
cerasifera) is a flower essence for individuals on the verge of
a breakdown; are in deep despair; possibly contemplating
suicide; abusive and hysterical, exploding in sudden outburst of
rage; and may be significant for easing screaming fits in

Interesting. I'm not in deep despair or contemplating suicide though.
Sounds like something that might be beneficial to those with bipolar or depression.
I just get po'd with some people who drive like they got their license as a prize from a cereal box. Common courtesy and common sense are most uncommon nowadays it seems.

then they can make a bunch of commercials telling us to 'ask our doctor' about the new drug for it..

The side effects for the Rx's scare me more than the actual disease that they are trying to help.

You have heartburn so take this and have nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and a bleeding ulcer too!
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