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Okay, I have to bug you all again...

My sales too have dropped this past week on ebay after opening my ebay store, so I think I am going to close it after the trial month is over. So...
1) How do you close your store on ebay?
2) How do you end your store listings? Do you have to let them run out? Or can you go in manually to each listing that is in your store and end it? If yes, how do you do this?
3) I have just discovered ecrater and have opened a store there. I haven't put any listings on there yet, I have to figure out how to do it first. Is it hard to list items on ecrater? Do you use a specific site to upload (like Auctiva)? Or do you use ecrater to do this? Is this site user friendly? Can you use Auctiva to upload your listings there? Or is Auctiva only ebay compatible?
4) Does anyone out there have an ecrater store? How are sales on this site?
Sorry, so many questions, I can't stop thinking of all this ebay/ecrater stuff, I am going mental!! LOL!
Thank you so much!!!!
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