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Reply to "Okay, I have to bug you all again..."

Hi there,

1.Q. How do I close my Store?
A. You can close your eBay Store at any time by signing into the site, and going to your My eBay page. Then on the left side of the page, click on the "Subscriptions" link under My Account. You'll be taken to a page where you can Unsubscribe from your Store.

2.Your listings will automatically end when you close your store.

3. Ecrater seems fairly easy. There is no html involved so you can not use templates. You have to enter each one by hand unless you have more then 100 items. If you do then you can use their bulk lister. So no auctiva on Ecrater.

4. I have not really messed with ecrater that much. I only have 1 item on there. It seems nice. There are people who do get sales on there. Im sure someone else can comment on this.

Hope that helps.
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