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Online venting is so therapeutic

Check this out:

Our dishwasher was installed wrong, the hoses were never connected. We found this out yesterday when an entire cycle of dishwasher water went underneath our brand new $800 laminate floor. Which is now completely ruined, according to the Home Depot. The upside is that if we still had the vinyl floor in our kitchen, it would have ruined the cabinets instead, which would have been more expensive.

Sunday, my husband drilled through his thumb. He had to go to the hospital for xrays, because we couldn't find all the drill bit pieces and we were concerned that his thumb was broken. And we just recently bumped his deductible up to $1000 because he "never" has any medical problems.

Friday, our washing machine broke. It is just barely over a year old and just barely out of its warranty.

Laa dee dah. Life is great right now. I believe in karma, which must mean that something SUPER is on its way.

Thanks for letting me complain.
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