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Reply to "Online venting is so therapeutic"

I'm sorry to hear about the dishwasher fiasco. My dh works in the appliance dept @ Lowe's and if this happened in his store, Lowe's would be responsible for replacing your cabinets and floor. Call the corporate office. If the delivery person didn't install it property, how is that your fault???

I'm fairly new here but have I got a rant!

My son's birthday was Saturday. My stepfather asked if he could come over for the day. I asked my son and he said sure why not! It was the first time he ever invited my son to come over and we both thought that it would be a nice time. I dropped him off about noon and stepdad wanted him to stay for the day. Around 6 I picked him up, we were going to take him to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday dinner. I had to bring a change of clothes because he was filthy dirty and SUNBURNED. HE HAD MY SON WORK WITH HIM ALL DAY LONG!!!! Can you believe it!! Any other day in the past 13 years and he picks his 13th birthday to bust his a$$. PLUS, as an extra kick in the face, he didn't even give him a freakin' birthday gift!!! Yes, I'm just a wee bit livid, two days after.
Yesterday was Easter, so I told him today we could do whatever he wanted. He wanted to go to the Barnes & Noble Store and I got him 2 books. One on archery and another on cartooning and comics. Then we went to Burger King. We just finished cake and ice cream a bit ago.
I think this whole episode upset me more than my son, but how dare he!!!

Anyway, I feel a bit better now. Thanks for the topic! Quite timely.
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