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Reply to "Online venting is so therapeutic"

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
So why is a card reader better/easier than just plugging in the USB cable? So you don't have to mess with the camera itself?

Well, in my case, the plug at the camera end of the cable for my Olympus is very fragile - the pins get bent easy and that's how I ruined the first one. I don't know about other brands, though.

Secondly, and this again my be peculiar to my set-up, I often have the camera mounted to my tripod in a cobbed-together "studio" area, and it's just a lot easier to leave the camera on the tripod and slip the card out and over to the computer, which, by necessity is way beyond one cable-length away.

Plus, I never got around to getting the oddball ac adapter for my camera. Therefore, if I use the cable, well, I go through the hassle of the batteries going dead at the wrong time, etc.

Speaking strictly for myself, it's a blood-pressure-lowerer.

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