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Reply to "opening a free store"

Originally posted by marciay96:
will be getting my domain name up instead of forwarding to my ecraters..I'll have it be a real working webstore.

Can I ask Donna who you are going with to set up your "webstore"?

I have started looking around today at online store providers and am still in the initial stages of figuring out what to do. I plan on doing an ecrater store but am getting the itch to have my own webstore as well and am willing to pay to get things set up.

Has anyone tried ""? Looks like another type of ecrater but was just wondering if anyone had any experience with them. I know we mainly talk about ecrater here.


Sure Marcia..ask me most anything..I don't care.

I will be doing the website building on several domain names that I purchased. The more domain names the higher placement on the search engines.

I already have several ecraters..and opened another this morning with another name. <smile>

I signed up for a va store and will be filling that also.

I sell also on Bluejay and heard back from Bidville that they will be incorporating GBuy. I haven't touched Yahoo in ages..but with the talk being they are going to go in with MSN and eventually trying to buy eBay..who knows?

I do know someone that uses freewebs..and mainly put it up to get the Google placement to go along with their own domain site.

I'm going to be building my website from scratch and will be doing that within the next few weeks.

The ecraters and va are free the more you do, the higher your placement.

Statistics show that most buyers don't go past page five of searches on the internet. So you have to insure that you're getting as high in the SEO as possible. Using strong keywords and meta tag placement.

If your domain name (I use and have the URL forwarded to your eBay until you get ready to move forward.

I know some great designers too that could help you get established with your own site, too.

My Best,
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