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Reply to "Pics REALLY grainy ... ??"

Originally posted by ozziewom:
Can anyone help with this one - my pictures look great in googles picasa, but as soon as they are uploaded to auctiva they are grainy and grose .... im uploading them at around 500 x 395 in size - do i need to upload them at original size or maybe just bigger ????

ANY help would be great n thanks in advance !! Smile
500 x 395 pixels is a decent size and in/of itself won't cause you any problem using Auctiva.

You should check the point where you are saving your photos before you upload them to Auctiva. If it allows you set resolution when you save them out before uploading to Auctiva, be sure that you set resolution to at at least 72 ppi (which is max web browsers can display). In Picasa, you can also control image quality when you edit pictures...this link gives the lowdown on how to do it.
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