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Reply to "Please add business policies on eBay and sync with Auctiva"

Hello Community!

Apologies for any difficulty or confusion this situation may have created.  Please be aware that we updated the site as noted here so that if you have opted in to Business Policies on eBay the listing creation page in your Auctiva account will shift to utilize those policies (which essentially replace your Auctiva profiles).

Note this only affects accounts that have opted in to Business Policies in the related eBay accounts.

As for ensuring that your policies are updated, you need only select "eBay" from the My Account menu of your account after logging in and then click on the "Update eBay Preferences" button to ensure all of your current policy information is available within your Auctiva account.  Please note that at this time you can only make or modify your business policies directly on eBay and then update your preferences in Auctiva to select from your Business Policies when creating a listing.

As noted by catiel56, you can also always opt out of business policies on eBay and have the listing creation page revert to the one you are accustomed to - at this time using Business Policies on eBay is only required if you have opted in to using them there.   You can disable them by visiting the business policies page on eBay. Then, log back into Auctiva and click on “Update eBay Preferences” on your account page.  This will then update your account to no longer use the Business Policies.

Please note Special4me2, you should not need to make any adjustments to your browser or your computer - you need only update your Auctiva account to use your Business Policies that are current and then select them on the lister, or opt out of using the policies in your eBay account and update Auctiva to continue using the lister as you are used to.

Please also note Rolliebenson our records indicate that you files a support case regarding this on November 16 and that our support team provided a response to you a bit later that same day.  This response went to the email address on file with your account so please be sure that your provider has not redirected the message away from your inbox.

Should anyone continue to experience further difficulty with this or have other questions regarding the lister page for using Business Policies, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site and our agents will be happy to assist you.

 - Craig

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