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Reply to "POLL: Auctiva's Maintenance day conflicting w/eBays 10 day listing."

Darn, I should've come back sooner.
Hi Miss Member. Hey Pete, I like to think I'm a young ruffian. LOL Not a young whipper snapper any more though. Big Grin Miss Member's right - no need to be afraid of us. Wink

I think handlep is a fella too, cause of his name. lol Miss Member, yah, that picture says feminine to me. Same with Taz, 'cept Taz brings male gender to mind. Smile Yep, you ARE too funny!

I like it too, Dark Side Girls... got my coal pile here. I'll share if ya need, Miss Member! How about snowballs instead? Love a good snowball fight. lol

Hey, I'm from another planet - I'll never tell where.

I'm here! Thanks Member! I voted on the other thread. I think ninth is


guy. So when do we find out? Back to the poll thread. Razz
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