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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Sorry that took so long. Daughter called. Smile Uhoh Taz. Better be careful with my clues then.

A blonde has a stroke of luck and gets herself a red convertible sports car. It's her dream car! She decides to dye her hair red to go with the car and she loves it.

So she's riding on a country road in her new sports car with the top down, her new red hair flying in the wind, enjoying the view.

She sees a flock of sheep and thinks... hmmm, I've always wanted a sheep. She stops and walks out to the sheep herder, tells him she always wanted a sheep of her own, and asks him "If I can guess exactly how many sheep you have, can I have one?" He thinks to himself, now what are the odds of that, and tells her "Sure, you can have one if you can tell me how many there are."

She guesses 289, and the sheep herder is shocked! She got it!! He says "Well ma'am, a deal's a deal. Choose which sheep you'd like and it's yours." So she picks one and heads back to her convertible with it, just ecstatic to have a pet sheep to go with her new car and her new hair.

The sheep herder comes running up yelling "Ma'am, ma'am! Stop! Wait!!" She waits for him to catch up to find out what all the yelling's about.

He tells her "If I can tell you what your original hair color is, can I have my dog back?"
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