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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Hello all. Pete sorry I missed you but it appears you fared well without me.
Had a rather busy day today. Went out with my daughter and her friend to do some shopping and grab a bit to eat.
you have a couple of 20 year old little sweeties to chase don't you?
Pete I am not chasing after a couple of 20 year old sweeties, they are BOTH 23. Geez I feel bad enough as is going out with one of my daughters friends!

But if ChiTown was closer and Miss M had her leathers on I just may be inclined to chase after her or at least take her to Magoo's to shoot some pool. And what are you doing for New Years Miss M? Prolly happily married anyways!
BTW Miss M I believe I mentioned your eyes quite some time ago when you changed avatars to the Godzilla eye! Eek So glad you went back to these ones
Y'all if this thread gets much steamier we may have to get convention rate discounts instead of GAR.
Coming soon the Auctiva Asylum Lunatics convention be sure to sign up early and sign up often for best rates.
Stay tuned to this rambling post of utter nonsense to become an honorary member of the Asylum and receive an invitation to the convention when and if it ever happens. Membership is limited to the first 10 people or maybe 100 or 1,000. Will have to ask the otherfounding members.
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