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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Hi ya'll. Smile
It does look quiet around here. I'm not staying but had to come see how you sweet folks are doing today.
When 'those two' are here, it's pretty much ALWAYS difficult to follow...

Hey, Miss M, surely "those two" isn't Ninth and me! Eek I know that can't be because our posts make perfectly good sense. Wink

I saw the note on the poll thread about bumping and apologized. That was me and I won't do it again. Roll Eyes I can most always find something to say. lol

Ninth had 8 votes last time I looked. I thought that was funny... I mean, what's the point of voting now? Big Grin

I'm not sure how well I'll help on the late shift tonight. I'll be back at least to say howdy again. That is, if anyone else is here.

Hi Ninth. WinkWink
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