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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Hi Ms M, just vented my frustrtation on booklady's poll thread, after another total newbie suffered the totally unnescessary "arrgh listing disspeared" initiation ceremony.

I really wish I knew what was behind the reluctance to pass the buck back to ebay, must be contractural small print that they are not even allowed to admit too.

There are two kinds of newbie likely to come unstuck, the one who is not well versed in techno-babble, tries but is swamped and those who can only be spoon fed every cr*mb Wink

So long as you can take it step by step and follow the tutorials (I gather from yourself and others they are good) then the former newbie should be ok.

The latter well, tough, wake up to the real world we can give pointers but it's up to them.

Regarding the tutorials I must admit I just dived in and played being a typical software engineer Wink as it all seemed quite logicallly set up to me Smile

Type, ya' all later Cool
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