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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Travel today's topic, eh, what's up Pete your Tardis got a flat battery, won't start, thinking about a plane or train to Germany ?

I find in travelling to Europe the flying is the short bit, add one hour on underground(metro) to London another hour on train to the airport, checkin, wait, flight, train, at the end can mean London suburbs to northern Italy can take over 7 hours door to door, only one and 3/4 hour flying on the plane !

On top of that the train fares this side of the channel usually cost more than the off-peak flight one way and somtimes more than the return fare.

Our trains fares are horrendous,last time we went to Scotland we preferred to fly and tour by car once there. Considering you probably cannot fly more than about 400 to 500 miles across this island without going from coast to coast even north-south.

Chaffeurs, I have trouble spelling it let alone paying one, mind you never had a car that I could pay a respesctable chaffuer to get into let alone be seen dead driving Wink

edit - phew after my copy/paste, don't spend long time editing on line, pontificating (luvverly word!) u lot were nearly lucky not to see this reply as I got a 'site not found' immediatly after pressing 'Post', hard luck it got there Big Grin
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