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Reply to "POLL: What Would You Do?"

Originally posted by cakethings:
So, I'm just curious...

It seems to me that the real purpose of this thread is to let the people know that you have reported them. So they are here on Auctiva?

Or is my imagination just running away?

Yes, your imagination is running away with you. I won't say 'where' they are. Actually, I haven't reported anyone. I am wrestling with what to do. As I mentioned earlier, I cannot withdraw my complaint once it's filed. In no way do I approve of or like what was done to me whatsoever. However, I understand for every action there's a reaction. A ripple 'effect' as it were. Otherwise known as 'karma'. So, I'm attempting to gather feedback and make the right choice. Thus far, the feedback is report them, they deserve it and it might prevent them from doing the same thing to someone else. I have yet to hear a reason 'not' to report them. I have no intention of posting whether I report them or not, here or anywhere. I'm taking a poll for feedback and that's it.

Don't read too much into it.
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