Reply to "powersellersunite biased???"

oh and another proof of how this was doublespeak is this site who uses the chart as a promotional tool is guess what?? they are still on there 11th i think... so that detroys his reason completely

How is that proof? OLA's biggest promotion tool was telling everyone that they where number #2 on the auction count. Peopler are going to be coming in expecting them to be #2 instead they are #11 so this actually hurts them. Who really wants to show off that they are #11?

Also the whole thing about advertisers is nonsense. Mightybids and bidville are advertisers on the site and on the auction site count and I have not seen any bias treatment towards them. You also said that the chart itself is a promotional tool. There are other advertisers on powersellersunite that aren't even on the auction count.

Sorry for everyone on this board that has to listen to the dirty laundery. I apologize This topic is about powersellersunite and it makes sense for someone to respond that actually reads the forums over there and knows whats going on.

For some reason weirdpatrick has a vendetta for powersellersunite as much as he loves wagglepop

weirdpatrick aka Brian1212 on the powersellersunite board has has unloaded more wagglepop propaganda there in two days then he has here in a month, talk about unbiased.
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