Reply to "Problems posting???? Listings show as scheduled & will not post, Help?"

This is on the other thread about this same thing from Auctiva Jeff. And Danno said there's a note on the home page about it too.


Auctiva Jeff
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Posted March 16, 2008 05:05 PM
My suggestion is to let them fail. Come back in about an hour and reschedule the failed ones then. We're working to replace a server that pooped out with a different server. We've got dozens, it's just a matter of time to figure out the problem which we've already done and now get it resolved which we're working on. Try back in an hour. Go ahead and create and save listings now, just wait to schedule them if you can. If not you are welcome to try and post them but just don't get too mad if they don't.

Good for all of you having patience. It's tempting to ask th' others if ya want some cheese to go with that w(h)ine??? Com'on ya'll! It's a free service. Who knows what all goes on behind th' scenes (except those with that sort of experience)! Where can you get such complete tools for free with the kind of service we get from support here at Auctiva? Nowhere!

File a support request today and expect to hear from them by Tuesday? That's absolutely absurd! Never ever has it taken anywhere near that long for Auctiva's support to get back to me on any of my goofy questions or real requests for glitches in the system that they're not aware of. How do you think they can know there's something wrong if we don't tell them? And then expect them to have it fixed 30 minutes before we reported it and say snide remarks that they might respond by Tuesday? Obviously one hasn't been here long to make such accusations! You just want to rock th' boat and see what sort of rise you can get from others. Mad Indeed! Ok, so ya riled me up! Eek
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