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Reply to "Proposed New Rates for the USPS 2007"

I've been given the "priviledge" of selling my son's 2000 Mustang Headlights.

The right catagory is a little tricky if you're not too familiar with the set-up . . .

eBay Motors>Parts & Acc.>Car & Truck Parts>Lighting and Lamps>

...then make sure you get the correct kind of light - if it's a straight headlight application just choose that as opposed to 'covers, cornering,fog/driving lights, etc.'

Make sure and list the correct model and series... in the title and the description:
Mustang . . .?

I don't sell much for newer parts, so I'm not too hep on just what the small variations are for these . . . but you need to be sure to include the it off of a GT, Saleen, Shelby. fastback, convertible, etc?
And even though they CAME OFF OF a 2000 mustang, they may actually be CORRECT for any number of years Mustang - 1999, 2001, etc. and of course to be tricky, they may also be correct for another model of Ford . . . whatever models they had for those years (Focus, probe, whatever - a Hollander Interchange manual will tell you that, or you can surf the pictures in the 'Cars for sale' section of eBay motors and take a look at headlights - which can be mind numbing, as you could imagine...).
But make sure and get all (if any) other applications.

Be sure to include those specifics as a lot of times there were VERY slight changes between the different models/series within any given year (bored design engineers is all I have to say on the subject -lol!) and those small design differences may have included the headlights/housings or any dress-up detailings that they may of those little details are BIG keywords.

Describe the condition COMPLETELY - check for any broken mounting tabs/holes, cracks in the housings, any chips in the glass - chrome condition (if any - as CHROME is king!) whether they are sealed units or just housings that take a bulb/socket in the back - if it is, or has a moving or removable part, comment on presence/lack of, and conditiion of that also.

Year/Model/Series/Interchange - if any/Condition.

Hope this will help . . . that's about all I can help with besides giving you some extra hours in a day for time burnt up doing research! Eek

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