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Reply to "ratio of store to non-store items"

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I have an eBay shop and often list things as BIN and in auction in order to draw attention to my store items. I don't feel that I'm very successful though, and I'm wondering, what is the best ratio of store to non-store items to have on eBay in order to make it worthwhile paying the store fees?

That is an excellent question. How to draw attention to ones eBay store.

To start, I don't really know the secret to that. However, I'm more than willing to share some ideas.

My current ratio right now is about 70% of my inventory posted in my eBay Store. 30% is sent to auction. Out of the 30%, I would say 20% is dutch or auction style and 10% is BIN.

The 30% is always priced super cheap, a lot starting at $1.00. Sometimes I'll take an item and post it as BIN at almost regular price, and in the item description I will post a link to my store to the same item but for a cheaper price! Letting the customer know they can get a deal if they buy it from my store instead. Then while they are my store, they will see all the other items marked down at a reduced price and decide to just buy more to qualify for combined shipping...etc..

Again, I'm still experimenting with it all.

I think it all depends on what you are selling really.

I'm still not convinced having an eBay store is the right thing to do. I have it.. for now.


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