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Originally posted by Auctiva Craig:
Hello Community -

Apologies for the difficulties!

Please note that our active content tool only operates on active listings on eBay that are eligible for revision - it makes no changes to data in your saved listings and the release that Johnnie Q. referred to prevents new listings from getting up to eBay or being saved with active content in them. So, if you try to post a listing from your Saved listings that has active content in the description or is using a profile (including a seller details profile) that has active content in it, it will not post to eBay (or save in the case of a new listing) until that content has been removed.

- Craig

I wish you guys had told us about this way before eBay implemented its change of policy! Auctiva reassured all its paying clients that the eBay changes would be handled by Auctiva, so we need not worry about it as you would take the active content out... So we all relaxed, and let you get on with it. At no stage did you say: Auctiva will fix all your ACTIVE listings, and you have to fix yourself the SAVED listings that have active content!!! And now we have just found this out AFTER the policy change has been implemented by eBay, and we are all floundering around wondering what is going wrong, and what to do!!! You may lose lots of customers now, from this cock-up...
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