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Scrolling gallery broken, allways goes to listing

A recent change to eBay listing form this past eBay weekly maintenance of 27/28 has broken the Auctiva scrolling gallery.

If you are logged into a site like say, clicking on an item in the gallery would bring up the listings on that eBay site. With the eBay change, it always comes up on no matter what site you are on. The listing will show US prices and the eBay USA English in the listing.

If the potential buyer continues in that window on to buy they will forced to log into even though they are already logged into their home site.

Is there anything that can be done to fix the showcase?

PS It appears that the eBay description iframe is now using .com and not the local eBay site. I would assume that Auctiva gets the buyer eBay site from the description iframe URL and now it is no longer the buyer eBay site.
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