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Reply to "Scrolling Gallery HTML Code Errors After Editing Listings- Ebay Removed Listing!!"

Thank you for the reply Craig..
Sorry for my late response~ I had watched the post for a couple days & then figured nobody was going to respond.
I appreciate you taking time...

I haven't edited any listings lately but next time I do, I'll surely report it to help.
The steps are as follows:
From the listings own page or in standard: Edit, I add a photo or lower the price, click to save the edit.
I didn't touch the written description at all & yet it's encompassed by the HTML for the scroller.
I am familiar with html, that's how I knew immediately what the issue was- I used to admin several large forums & a 3-d chat site so I have a decent grasp of coding, however, I wasn't editing anything in that area.
What happens is the scroller disappears and only it's coding is posting to the listing after an edit..

Anyway- when it happens again, I'll report it.

Smile Thanks again.. Pika
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